Hunting management at las lomas farm has been developing for more than 5 decades. already in the 60s the pheasant reproduces in our finca naturally, along with the red partridge. both species coexist wildly in a natural environment, in which different activities are integrated in addition to hunting, such as agriculture and livestock. in addition to these two species, populations of doves, rabbits and ducks provide high hunting value to our farm.


The main hunting modality that we develop in the las lomas estate is the ojeo de perdiz and pheasant. this hunting modality is the most traditional in spain. the existence of both pheasant and red partridge, wild, at the same time, make us exclusive in this modality. these hunts can be done during the months of october to december, with an ideal number of hunters between 4 and 7.

Natural environment

The farm has, throughout its length, different natural habitats, from riverbank areas along riverbeds, mediterranean forests with centuries-old olive trees, etc. in all of them, hunting management is done in a totally sustainable way, integrated with the rest of the production processes, respecting and promoting biodiversity in general. in the farm more than 100 species of birds coexist, among which raptors such as the imperial eagle among others, favoured by the rich habitat.

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