The Las Lomas farm is around 12,000 hectares, and was established in 1941 by Mr José Ramón Mora-Figueroa Des'allimes.
Today, Las Lomas is a family company that maintains the values of it's people, it's customers and it's suppliers. We have enormous respect for the environment, nature and specialise in promoting organic production.
The business model includes the whole process from the seed to the commercialisation of the finished product - from the field to the table!


Maintenance and extension of a series of fresh products that are known for their high quality with their own marketing channels throughout Europe.
To be self-supplied in the whole production chain, innovating and modernizing our activities, improving our group of employees.
Our high experience as a producer, the quality of our soil and our philosophy of sustainable farming (certified by leaf marque), enables us to excel in organic production.


The expectations of our customers ensure the continous supply of high quality products. This is due to the support and experience of the professional team at Las Lomas, together with the goodness of their environment and surrounding natural areas.
With cooperation from our customers and partners, we strive to continiously improve our operation and the experience of our team.


EU Commercial Office

Calle Jose Abascal 40-21
28003 , Madrid

Phone: (+34) 956 438 122

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UK Commercial Office

Las Lomas UK LTD
17 Olympus House, Staniland Way.
Peterborough, PE4 6NA, UK

Phone: (+44) 733 322722

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