Harvesting Season is from January lasting until June.

Organic Harvest: January - June
Conventional Harvest: April - June

Our sweet and versatile Leeks are grown in the following varieties: Linkton, Shafton and Duraton.

They can be supplied in Organic, Conventional and Baby (Limited Availability) formats.

Depending on your packing requirements, we can supply as Loose, Pre Packed or Industry.

These are our main speciality, due to many years of experience in the growing and processing,
especially for the UK market.





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EU Commercial Office

Las Lomas - Complejo Agricola S.A.
Ctra Vejer-Benalup, Km 7.
11179 Vejer de la Frontera,

Phone: (+34) 956 438 122
Email: info@laslomas.org

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UK Commercial Office

Las Lomas UK LTD
17 Olympus House, Staniland Way.
PE4 6NA.
United Kingdom

Phone: (+44) 733 322722
Email: Sales@las-lomas.co.uk

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