Las Lomas Factory


Our Las Lomas farm has a 9000m2 automated total metre for the processing of Fruit and Vegetables. Process from selecting, washing, brushing, calibration and final packaging in a continuous flow into storage and refigirated chambers.

Our team work up to 3 shifts, 7 days a week with lean processes which adjust to the highest food Safety requirments and with a total capacity of more than 150tn per day. 


Our plant is designed with independant flows, divided into seperate areas with their respective independant refigerated storage chambers, which allows us to effectively avoid cross-contamination.

Located next to our fields allows us to harvest and process with the individual customers final packaging on the same day which keeps the product fresh and at it's highest quality. 


At Las Lomas from Cultivation, collecting and processing allows us to guarentee the complete tracability of each product from the seed bed to the final customer.

Our complete working process is certified under Global Gap in the field of Cultivation and under BRC in the plant, in both cases these are certified in a specific way in Organic production. 


Ferme de Las Lomas